The Sand Pit

"The place known as 'THE SAND PIT' was Salinas Ramblers property located across from Crazy Horse Canyon Road on HWY 101 about 12 miles north of Salinas.  It was purchased  some time back in the late 1940's or early 1950's. The track was a sandy type soil, with the starting line beginning at the bottom of the long up hill straightaway.  It had a left hand sweeper that tighten up in to a dogleg switchback that set up for passing because different lines could be used. This spot always developed holes or large rolls, and this made for tank slapping entertainment or rocket ship passing.  Then a short down slope straightaway in to a jump then bending right steep up hill into a tight, high banked left hander to shooting down hill right then left on to flat left.

When it was raining heavy this low area would have a couple of inches of water on it so if you were hauling ass it was smother like being on a ski with a big water rooster in the air. If it was dry it was easy to stick the front wheel if you nicked the power. The hole idea being that the faster you made this corner the harder you hit the jump, and the faster you go up the uphill straightway. With deep sand soil sucking all your horsepower, getting speed to stay on top was an important trick.  The finish line was beside the start line at the jump on the straightaway.

Usually there was a wheelie contest during intermission if we had time. It was uphill (good) in deep sand (bad) . When I was young and would watch all the 40 inchers race on this track ( especially if just graded ) it was the most beautiful thing to see all sand being sprayed in to the air like flames from rockets traveling flat lakes. Needless to say this influenced me to want to tear up some Terra firma.  The mixing of earth, wind and fire with my GOD given fossil fuel, Oh thank you Lord for this freedom!!!"  Benny King SRMC # 14

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Image donated by John Gennai, Black Plate #3, who is pictured on the poster riding an OSSA.  John commented that the Sand Pit was one of the tracks 'I really liked'.



Club member Bob Rank (I 32) racing the Sand Pit in 1969. Looks like he got a decent start!