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The Salinas Ramblers (SRMC) wish to thank everyone who participated in the inaugural Picacho Creek Challenge (PCC) Hare Scrambles.  We certainly hope you had an enjoyable time and will come back to our next hare scrambles event.  The Rambler bulldozer crew spent considerable time creating new routes on the property for your riding enjoyment and we tried to create an experience unlike anything on the District 36 hare scrambles circuit.

We wish to congratulate the A Class winner Pat Garrahan who is now two for two at Salinas Rambler events in 2006, having won the Quicksilver National Enduro just a little over a month ago.  On that note, the Salinas Ramblers thank Pat for contributing the purse of $250 from the Quicksilver National enduro to the Clear Creek Legal Defense Fund.  Way to go, Pat!

We would also like to thank everyone who purchased raffle tickets for the drawings or the goodie bags with the Save Clear Creek sticker and Repsol products.  While we are still tabulating the results, it appears that, with extra donations such as Pat's and others from the sponsors below, the Ramblers will be sending a check to the BlueRibbon Coalition for almost $4,000 for the Clear Creek Legal Defense Fund.


As has been typical for events in 2006 at Clear Creek, Mother Nature again insisted in playing a role.  The SRMC have been fortunate to be able to run our two events while the Timekeepers chose to postpone their Wild Weekend until April 8/9 because of snow and the Molina Ghost Run (4WD) cancelled their event because of rain and snow. 

The weekend before the PCC , Clear Creek was closed because of excessive rainfall.  Fortunately we had a week of drying and in fact parts of the courses were dusty on Friday.  Mother Nature changed all that early Saturday morning that dawned cloudy and gray with showers before a passing weather front dropped a quarter inch of rain between 7AM and 10AM.  This left the courses for the Youth Cross Country Series a little sloppy.  Nevertheless, the course left smiles on the faces of the winners. YCC Pictures

Sunday morning brought blue skies and sunshine that tacked up the course.  The Rambler course crew put together a interesting mix of new trails, single track, virgin meadow and the infamous rocky uphill after gas that was run downhill because, unlike enduro riders, we did not think that hare scrambles riders could get up it.  Despite the overnight drying there were still some wet spots and we did the best we could to route around them between the A/B and C races.  Most of the comments after the races were very favorable and the comments on the District 36 Cross Country forum are even better!

The Salinas Rambler's would appreciate comments and ideas on how to improve our event.  Send us an e-mail.

Link to pictures from Sunday's races

Pictures of the Save Clear Creek fund raising team.