The Deaton/Morris Family Involvement

as recalled by Derrick Morris,  a 2nd Generation Life Member of the Salinas Ramblers M/C

Larry and Sandy Deaton were our parents and there were six children – Julie Deaton, Derrick Morris, Leslie Deaton, Shellie Deaton, Tori Morris and Angela Hildreth – that made up the family.

At least two of our family members were involved with the Quicksilver every year from 1981 to the last one in 2008.  Larry and Sandy joined the Ramblers in 1981, I believe the Quicksilver in 1981 was where they got their work points from to qualify for membership.

Our family’s first Quicksilver was in 1981 and Larry, Leslie and myself were assigned to help Bob Fife on checkpoint 1.  I do not recall where Sandy was, most likely in sign-ins.  The main memory I have of that first Enduro was the night prior, when somehow we had camped in the middle of a battlefield.  It seems there was an on going “bottle rocket” war between the A-Frame camp and JR’s camp over the years.  We were unaware of this and were caught in the crossfire.  The next morning we left at dark to get to the check point in time to set up and be ready for the first riders to come in.  It was cold and the mud was frozen which made for some tricky riding.  Bob Fife had worries about Leslie being able to make it.  Bob was assured that Leslie was a great rider and we set out.  We all made it out fine and helped with the checkpoint.

The second year we again were assigned to Bob Fife and on checkpoint #1.  Bob had no worries about Leslie making it out this time as he had seen her the prior year and throughout the riding season in Clear Creek.  On the way out this time though she stared at a rock that she did not want to hit and proceeded to hit it squarely.  She crashed and flattened her tire.  Some of us continued on to get the checkpoint set up while Larry and Leslie got the bike fixed.  Everyone made it to the check before the first rider showed up.

In 1983, Larry ran checkpoint #1 as he continued to do until 1991 having all of the kids work with him one year or another.  About this time is when Sandy started to lead sign-ins, which she did for many years.  The Deaton household also became the meeting place for the Enduro Committee meetings, which would happen on almost a weekly basis for 3 to 4 moths prior to the Quicksilver each year.

In 1984, Larry and the other kids continued to run and work on checkpoint #1.  I started to work on scoring and wrote a program on a commodore 64 and was in charge of scoring.  Larry, Sandy would also help in scoring after doing their other duties (Larry running check #1, Sandy in charge of sign-ins).

In 1990, I was 2nd term President of the Ramblers, Enduro Chairman, in charge of Sign-ins and in charge of Scoring and the rest of the family were working in sign-ins, scoring, working and/or leading checkpoints.

For 1991, I was burned out and just wanted to go back to running a checkpoint.  I ran checkpoint #1, however, Larry Deaton took on being in charge of scoring and when he needed help, I helped with getting the scoring entered and results out.  As long as Larry was in charge of scoring, he knew he would have my support.  Sandy was still working in the sign-in crew and was in charge of Jart Charts.

Larry was in charge of scoring for the next 3 or 4 years and I continued leading checkpoint #1 and helping him as well as enhance the scoring program.  My new girlfriend Sue and son DJ helped on the checkpoints on the last couple I ran.  DJ was only 4 years old when working his first Quicksilver – he would turn the flip cards on the minute changes.

I took over scoring again after my hiatus and continued in this capacity through the last Quicksilver.  Larry took over personnel and it was now that Leslie and then Angela took over leading checkpoint #1.  During the latter years my son DJ was out helping his aunts on checkpoint #1. 

The 2004 Quicksilver was Sandy’s last as she passed away in July of 2004 and missed becoming the only female Life Member by less than 2 years.  Many of the procedures she had put in place in sign-ins continued through the last event.

Larry continued on helping with scoring and doing personnel until his passing in October 2007.  He had become a Life Member of the Salinas Ramblers in 2006.

Someone from our family ran Checkpoint #1 from 1983 to the last one in 2008.  Check Leaders were Larry, Derrick, Leslie and Angela.  Every family member, including Sandy, worked checkpoint #1 at least once over the years.  Checkpoint 1 check crew lead by Leslie and Angela over the years became the “Iron” Crew as they would routinely do two check points, they even did three check points at least once, maybe twice.  Angela had the most years on checkpoint #1.

Besides the kids; boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands, and children of the kids have all been employed to different activities of the Quicksilver over the years.  This truly has been a family event for us.  My wife, Sue, and Angela’s husband Chris, worked every Quicksilver from 1994 through the last one in 2008. 

There are so many memories of the events at the Quicksilver.  I know there are things that I have missed and some of the dates or order that things took place may be a little off in trying to recall the different Quicksilver’s over the years.  But this gives a pretty good synopsis of my family’s involvement with the Quicksilver.