2005 Quicksilver National Enduro  .

The 2005 Quicksilver National Enduro is in the books and the Salinas Ramblers wish to congratulate Billy Russell on his first National Enduro victory.  We would also like to thank all of the riders who took the Quicksilver challenge and braved the adverse conditions that Mother Nature presented us with.

Once again we had Quicksilver weather, meaning rain and very sloppy conditions, both before and during the event.  We owe a big thanks to the BLM for allowing the Quicksilver to be run this year.  Because of the amount of rain the management area received, the Salinas Ramblers decided to eliminate the entire third loop which was comprised of mainly single track trails.  We also eliminated some single track trails on the first two loops as well as a portion of the course that crossed the San Benito River twice.  In order to allow the loop leaders and check crews adequate time to make changes and arrive at their checks, the key time was moved back one hour.

A protest was lodged by David Lykke after the event because he believed a reset mileage on the second loop was wrong creating a negative reset that resulted in him being late to the final two check points.  It was determined that the mileage was in fact wrong and the protest upheld.  After consultation with District 36 officials, the Club decided to make the final two checks observation checks.  This decision caused some shuffling of finish positions but did not affect Billy Russell's overall win.

This decision was then appealed by Mike Lafferty on the basis that all riders rode the same course and were subject to the same circumstances.  In addition, the mileage to the last two checks was correct and there were mileage markers preceding the checks.  An appeals board made up of AMA congressman heard the appeal and then voted in favor of approving the appeal.  As a result, the Club must re-score the event with all checks counted.

The Salinas Ramblers wish to thank the numerous sponsors who donated contingency prizes for the riders or who sponsored trophies (or both).  This support is greatly appreciated.

Will this be the last Quicksilver National Enduro?  The Bureau of Land Management is currently in the process of designating routes.  At the same time, the Center for Biological Diversity and the California Native Plant Society have filed suit in federal court to have Clear Creek closed.  The Blue Ribbon Coalition is hosting a legal defense fund to keep Clear Creek open and two weeks ago their lawyer filed a motion to intervene in the aforementioned lawsuit. 



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