2002 Quicksilver National Enduro

The 2002 Quicksilver National Enduro is in the books and the Salinas Ramblers wish to congratulate Mike Lafferty for his first win of the 2002 enduro season.  We would also like to thank all of the riders who braved the rain and snow to contest this event.  Finally, we would like to thank the numerous companies and individuals who sponsored the event through the donation of contingency prizes, trophies and other items.  This support is greatly appreciated.

Official Results

And now, for the rest of the story......                                                                                   

For the third year in a row, the Salinas Ramblers and the entrants of the Quicksilver National Enduro were challenged by the elements.  24 hours before or 24 hours after Sunday morning's 7:30 key time, the weather was beautiful in Clear Creek.  In fact, almost every day for the four weeks before the enduro and every day since, the weather was dry.  Unfortunately, around 9PM on Saturday night the rain showers started in advance of a winter storm.  By key time, the storm was hitting with its full force and a dusting of snow could be seen in the hills above Rambler camp.  

William Schwarz, the BLM Ranger at Clear Creek, was one of the first riders out of camp, on a mission to determine if the course was passable and if the event could be held.  He discovered that, while there was a couple of inches of snow at the highest elevations, the course was ridable and he OKed the start.  

While about 225 riders entered the event, by key time, a couple of dozen had decided not to go play in the mud and snow.  The first 42 mile loop took riders into the eastern portion of Clear Creek where they circled Spanish Lake on single track trails and old mine roads before returning to camp for a gas stop.  There were three special test sections in this loop followed by check-outs. By the end of the first loop, about 80 riders had called it quits (or their bikes did).  

The second loop traversed the western side of Clear Creek.  To get out on the loop, riders first had to climb the infamous "rocky uphill out of camp".  For many riders, this was the end of their race.  The first special test, which was only about 5 miles long, consisted of many single track trails and caused even the best riders to drop several points.  After a transportation section, riders entered a second, longer special test.  This test was a mix of single track and old jeep roads.  After a large reset, riders were run through a short special test consisting of the Three Mile Loop followed by several single track trails before being checked-out.  The transportation section back to camp tested the riders ability to make up lost time.  At the end of the second loop, only about 80 riders made it through the 11th check point, which was the end of the enduro for all A and B Women, Vet, Senior, SSR and gentlemen as well as all C riders.  

AA, A and B Sportsmen riders then had a gas available with ten minutes free time before venturing out on the third loop that was designed by Trail Boss, Billy Waltrip, to decide the event. Consisting of portions of the first loop, interspersed with tight technical and rocky single track trails, this loop proved to be a challenge to all of the riders who had survived the first 80+ miles of mud and snow.  To get to the first check-in, riders had to climb an old, boulder strewn fire break.  Slippery, muddy rocks caused many to be late for this check-in.  Terry Cunningham's raced ended at the bottom of this trail when his GasGas broke.  This first special test was about 15 miles long.  After a reset and a short ride up the paved road, riders entered the last special test that included the Airplane loop and the Picacho Rocks loop.  The final part of the special test included new, very technical single track on SRMC property that was cut by the girls on the Sign-In committee.

Considering the conditions, there were no major injuries or lost riders and only four bikes were left on the course that had to be retrieved on Monday.  There were also no protests and the results were posted in a timely manner.

Again, the Salinas Ramblers thank all who entered the 30th running of the Quicksilver Enduro.

Salinas Ramblers Enduro Staff

Billy Waltrip, Trail Boss and Coordinator

Ed Tobin, Enduro Consultant

Entries/Sign-In: Charlotte Gomes and Robin Morasca (Voted by riders as the best Sign-In Crew on the curcuit)

Scoring: Larry Deaton and Derrick Morris

Loop1, Sec. 1:  Billy Tidwell

Loop1, Sec. 2: Joe Gomes and Steve Morasca

Loop 2,  Sec. 1: Manual Datan and Frank Rodgers

Loop 2, Sec. 2:  John Phillips and Randy Bereman

Loop 3 (AA): Steve Aday