1984 Quicksilver National Enduro

"Finally a California enduro worthy of a national" Dirt Bike Magazine

This was our second National enduro.  Because of some bottlenecks that we had in the 1983 event, most notably in the 'Picacho Rocks' loop, District 37 denied our request that the Quicksilver be a D37 points event.  Nevertheless, we still pulled a good number of their top riders to the Quicksilver.  Art Jensen of JART roll chart fame made a case for the Ramblers at a D37 meeting but the D37 referee decided not to sanction the Quicksilver.  Their loss!

Enduros can be as much a psychological test as they are a mental and physical test.  I used the 1983 "bottleneck" at the Picacho Rocks to my psychological advantage in 1984.  In 1983 we had placed a check immediately after the 'rocks' loop and many good riders were late for this first check because of a bottleneck.  Before the 1984 event I walked around the pits and told all the AA riders that I could find that we were running the Picacho Rocks right at the beginning of the event just like we did last year.  What I didn't tell them was that we had a 'check-in' check just before you started the really nasty section.  This check burned a bunch of very good riders who were riding very hot on their minute including my buddy Johnny Martin of factory Can-Am.  This made my day, so to speak!

Late in the day, as the event wound down, I was riding on T141 through the Picacho Mine.  I stopped to look at the exit from the 'rocks' loop onto T141 because the riders had taken out a bunch of the brush along this narrow trail.  As I was about to take off I glance to my right towards the Picacho Rocks and noticed something that did not look natural.  I dismounted and went exploring.  What I discovered was a foot trail down from the top of the Rocks with a pipe running down it.  The Pipeline!  This discovery made my day a second time! 

There is a VHS video of part of the course out by Spanish Lake that I shoot with the help of a friend.  I hope to get it converted to an electronic format.  There is a copy down at the club house. Ed Tobin



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Geoff Ballard Article - Australian Publications

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   Cover/Teams       AA/A200/A250    A Top 20/A-Opn    A-SSR, A-SNR,

                                                                                          A-4STK, C-SNR

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C-Open, B-SSR    B-SNR, C-200      C_SSR, C_4ST     B-Open

B-4STK                C-250                    B-200, B-250        C- Women

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District 37 Letters:

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Club Member Benny King and Larry Roesseler

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Terry Cunningham 35S                        Mike Melton 34S      Tom Webb 33S

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A-rider in manzanita

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B-riders trying to negotiate a fallen tree.                                B-riders in rocks

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