OHV User Groups Meet to Discuss New Clear Creek Management Plan

December 2, 2006

On Saturday, December 2, the Salinas Ramblers hosted a meeting of OHV organizations at our club house at Clear Creek.  Attending the meeting were representatives of Blue Ribbon Coalition, AMA District 36, California 4 Wheel Drive, Timekeepers MC, Ghost Riders MC, Racers Under the Son, and Westside Four Wheelers.  Attending as invited guests were Rick Cooper, the new BLM Hollister Field Office Manager, David Moore, Clear Creek Trails Coordinator, and  William Schwarz, the Clear Creek law enforcement ranger.

The purpose of the meeting was to review the new management plan and to discuss ways that the OHV community could work with the BLM to implement it. Following introductions, Rick Cooper gave the group an short overview of the issues that he is dealing with as he works to implement the new management plan and the actions that are planned for this coming year.  He also mentioned that the EPA is due to release their final study at the end of December and that he expected that it would cause the BLM to conduct yet another Environmental Impact Statement.

Rick Cooper listening to a comment being made by Dave Pickett, President of AMA District 36

Don Amador, Western States representative for the BlueRibbon Coalition gave the group a presentation regarding the trail designation process that is going on across the country and how it will benefit future generations of riders.

Don Amador of the BlueRibbon Coalition presenting during the meeting.


Ed Tobin of the Ramblers was the meeting moderator and gave the group a review of the BLM planning efforts dating back to the late 1970's. 


There was much discussion about funding, users fees and volunteer projects. 


Members of the Ramblers, Timekeepers, Ghost Riders, RUTS and CA4WD listen to the discussion.


As with most Rambler functions, there was food involved!