September 22, 2006

Clear Creek project manager moves on


The big news this week is that we are losing another Clear Creek project manager.  On Friday, Brian White sent out a sent out the following e-mail:


To all,


The time has come to move on from what has been the most challenging assignment yet in may career as the Project Coordinator for Clear Creek.  I have accepted a position with BLM in Idaho as the Recreation Planner in the Coeur d'Alene Field Office. The move is for many reasons, but is primarily for my wife and future children - I guess I could call that the beginning of a family.


The struggle here has been bitter at times, but this project now resembles something that may work in the long-term. This has, however, been at the expense of untold stress, toil, and personal sacrifice on my part. But I'm not the type that accepts failure as an option.  I know my efforts have been appreciated, and many of you have reciprocated by volunteering and offering other forms of support through some very difficult times. Thank you!


Several of the high points thus far in my career have been the positive and direct comments made by the public (many of you) in support of myself, my staff, and the results of our tenacious efforts in Clear Creek. I am proud to have led this turnaround.  I have also developed many important "intangible" interpersonal skills, as well as technical skills that will serve me - and more importantly the public - throughout the remainder of my career.  This experience has firmly cemented in my mind the fact that I have correctly chosen a career in public service via land management.


I hope that the positive efforts and budding spirit of cooperation are carried forward for both the resources and unique recreation opportunities found in Clear Creek.


Brian White

Clear Creek Project Coordinator

BLM - Hollister Field Office

(831) 630-5044


The Salinas Ramblers wish Brian well in his future endeavors!